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Biotalk Co.,LTD. is a leading chemical manufacturer in China, mainly
developing and operating fine fluoro-chemicals and heterocyclic che-micals, including agrochemical/pharmaceutical intermediates, polym-er monomers and some industrial chemicals. We are kean to establi-sh good cooperation with customers........


Our factories: At present, we are operating two factories. Quzhou
is located in Quzhou Hitech Industrial Zone, Zhejiang and mai-nly produces fluoro chemicals. Two workshops have been built up
which include one pilot facility; And Lianyungang Plant is located in Guanyun Port Industrial Park, Jiangsu which is now under construc-tion, and main products will be heterocyclic chemicals and benzene series........



Our technology: We set up two R&D laboratories. One in Shanghai is mainly developing fluorochemicals, including organo-fluorine interme-diates for agro and pharma chemicals, liquid crystal and monomers
of poly materials. And the other in Linhai,Zhejiang will mainly develo-p heterocyclic chemicals. And now we have developed some key tec-hnology for flurines, pyrimidines and pyridines, and also offer custom synthesis service........


¡° Ear to the nature, heart to the society¡±, we commit responsibility of environment greenery and
society harmony, and develop green chemical.

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